12 by 2012

While surfing Pinterest for craft and recipe ideas I stumbled onto The Small Things blog  which had a post on getting 12 things done by 2012. The idea came from Oh, Hello Friend. This is a great idea for me to get some things done that I have wanted to do for a while and feel good about starting the New Year :) 76 days!

My 12 by 2012

1) Make a Halloween decoration

2) Find my nephew a cute birthday gift

3) Reach my fitness and health goals (monthly)

4) Write in my journal 3 times a week

5) Make Chili for the first time

6) Go to the Zoo

7) Visit a State Park and go hiking

8) Organize my laundry room

9) Finish my Christmas shopping before December 20th

10) Make a Christmas decoration for my apartment

11) Finish a book for fun (not a book for school!)

12) Learn how to meditate

I tried to make these things I could measure and cross off my list, which is so satisfying, rather than general resolutions. I love this idea! And I’m excited to see how many I finish by December 31st :)


One response to “12 by 2012

  1. Can’t wait to see how you go! Going to the zoo sounds like so much fun :) Good luck with them all!

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